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Medical Center

Fractabole participates in a project of modelling of data for a Medical Center compound by a nursing home, a Thermal spring, a hospital, a municipality and a scientific research laboratory. The project has for mission to allow the Medical Center to manage the medical data of the patients, to favor a communication intern on a critical case between doctors of the Center and the specialists of the hospital associated with the project, to treat immediately the critical files and to call back or to manage automatically the patient critic towards a specialist. The algorithms of Fractabole are used to make anonymous the medical record, keep a history of the medical acts, translate the file in the professional languages of patients, analyze the crossed data, anticipate the exposure of the patient at a sanitary risk or still control the efficiency of the prescribed processing. The Medical Center authorizes the patient to have a secured access to its anonymous data (classified in order of confidentiality) and to use it during a consultation outside the Center to limit on medication.

The fractal methode allows to handle immediately thousands of files while keeping the peculiarity of each one. For more piece of information, please consult the fomulaire opposite.



These questions are intended for Doctors.

Ask for information : medecin@pimedicale.com

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