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Fractal Innovation

The fractal methodology is used in medicine, biology, physics, meteorology etc. ... It consists in exploiting the "fractality" which resides in an autonomous system to understand the evolution of the dynamics of the system at different scales. For example, the heart receives a lot of information from its multiple sub-fractured vessels. Each vessel sends a flow that goes back to the heart muscle which instantly orders them in a steady beat while ensuring gas exchange. In terms of forecasts, the indicator of an accelerated heart rate may correspond to the intensity of a physical effort or an emotion.In times of crisis, intense sports activity, or turbulence, the normal law fails to capture the thick tails of distribution.Only fractal laws account for a laminar, intermittent or turbulent state of the dynamic system.This is the reason why the fractal methodology is more precise than the traditional method which is a particular case.


Economie financière et Théorie du Chaos   

Comment s’est organisée la critique du modèle néoclassique en finance de marché ?


Benoit Mandelbrot
Méthodologie fractale
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